Ultrasonic Mist Maker LED Lights Silver


Ultrasonic Mist Maker Fogger Machine LED Lights
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Product Description

The mist maker module generates a fog or a mist when placed approximately 5-10mm below the surface of water. Ultrasonic mist generators produce a mist by electrifying a submerged ceramic disc with 24 Volts of electricity. It will operate with cold or warm water, plus you can add essential oils for aromatherapy purposes. Mist foggers are used as a humidifier, oil diffuser, hydroponic humidity creator, pest control device, fountain feature, and much more. This atomizer/mister has built-in LED lights that fade in and out, adding a nice ambiance effect.

Product Features

- Replacement mist module for your misting system
- Creates a genuine water mist like fog
- No heat or chemicals needed
- Led lights fade in and out
- Includes 16mm ceramic disc
- Adapter not included*


When the 1.7Mhz resonating frequency beam is directed upwards through the water it creates oscillations and surface tension with tiny waves that crest and whip off little droplets. The droplets are smaller than 5 microns and float in the air but are heavy enough not to continue ascending; if you have a container with high enough walls they are contained.

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